Lamont Hanson on The Cedar Project (V10), Ray Phung
Lamont Hanson on The Cedar Project (V10)



The Carver Climbing Club facilitates access to the private property that the Carver climbing areas are on. To climb at the Carver cliff or the Carver boulders you must be a member of the Carver Climbing Club and adhere to all the rules.

All climbers must have their ID and a Carver Climbing Club member card at all times while climbing on the property surrounding the Carver Bridge Cliff and Stone Cliff Inn.

Membership is open to experienced climbers 18 years or older. It is the members that help maintain access privileges by respecting the landowners and Stone Cliff Inn customers, adhering to the Carver Rules, and policing the area for climbers that have not filled out a waiver. Help us protect this local resource by becoming a member today.

The Carver Climbing Club has been cooperating with the Rosenbaum family—owners of the Carver Bridge Cliff and surrounding boulders—since 1991. Our mission is to collect written releases from climbers, limit vandalism and littering on the property, and ensure that climbing activities do not infringe upon the privacy of the Rosenbaum family in their house on top of the cliff. Learn more about the Carver Climbing Club.

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