CARVER CLIMBING AREA IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. You must be a signed member of the Carver Climbing Club to climb or boulder on Stone Cliff Inn property or property owned by Mike and Sherie Rosenbaum. All climbers must have their state ID and Carver Climbing Club member card at all times while climbing on the property surrounding the Carver Bridge Cliff and Stone Cliff Inn.

You must be 18 years old to become a member and climb at Carver. No exceptions.

You may bring guests who are 18 years of age or older, but they may not boulder or climb. They may only observe, which does not include handling of any rope or other equipment. Guests must have picture ID on their person at all times and be able to present it to anyone acting on behalf of the Stone Cliff Inn to verify their identity.

No rock wall climbing is allowed unless you are an experienced climber with skills suitable to the rock terrain.

Never use wire brushes on any of the rock at Carver. The rock can be cleaned with plastic or natural bristle brushes only.

No glass beverage containers of any kind.

Dogs are not permitted.

Radios and other music players are not allowed.

No smoking.

No fires.

No removal of rock, wood, or any other item from the property.

Each climber or boulderer is responsible for picking up their own garbage and garbage left by others. This is a community effort.

No new trails, paths, or routes are allowed. Use only those which are already in place.

Stay on the trails at all times. Walking off the trails can cause damage to the flora and fauna.

Be respectful of the property and others. You are here at the discretion of the owners. Your right to boulder or climb here is subject to revocation at any time.


Carver Climbing Club members are permitted to share part of the Stone Cliff Inn parking lot at certain times. When busy, the Stone Cliff Inn needs all of their parking spots to be available for customers. Protect this privilege by observing the following rules for parking:

The only on-site parking that climbers are allowed to use at the Stone Cliff Inn is the circular parking area in front of the climbing entrance. Once the circular parking area is full, park off-site.

If the main Stone Cliff Inn parking lot is at or near capacity please park off-site — regardless of the time or day — to allow their customers to park on-site.

No on-site parking on holidays. Be especially mindful of: Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Summer months: no on-site parking after 5pm, every day, June to September.

From October to May, climbers may park on-site all day (including after 5pm), Sunday through Thursday – except holidays. No on-site parking after 5pm on Fridays & Saturdays from October to May.

Some off-site parking is available at the intersection of Hattan and Gronlund Roads. There is a trail to the climbing areas that starts on Stone Cliff Lane.

Off-site parking is difficult to find during the summer months. On hot summer weekends there is a parking service across from the Baker Cabin church, for a cost of $5.

Warning: if you park on the county roads, all 4 tires must be inside the white lines, and please obey No Parking signs. There have been a lot of tickets issued and cars towed during the summer.

Parking is not allowed at Stone Cliff Inn for access to nearby recreational areas, including the Clackamas River.